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  • 真人赢钱棋牌游戏官网-JiyoungKim wins the WSOP Women's Championship
    发布时间:2020-09-28 10:09

    JiyoungKim wins the WSOP Women\s Championship

    South Korean player Jiyoung Kim wins the 2019 WSOP Women\s Championship

    2019WSOP$1,000$10,000 Women\s Championship attracted 968 entries,Starting stack 20,000,Players are allowed to buy in the 8 stages before the game。

    After playing 157 hands in the heads-up session,South Korean player JiyoungKim defeated his opponent Nancy Matson to win the ultimate match.Captured $167,The 308 first prize also won her first WSOP gold bracelet.This is the second time Kim has entered the WSOP tournament money circle.In a previous WSOP-C, he received $580.


    Before this championship, her poker career had a total of 17 money circle records.The highest result occurred in the Philippines race,Up to $21 bonus,939.

    The bonus and gold bracelet this time are a big deal for Kim.She is going to hand over the bonus to her mother for safekeeping,I will give the bonus to mom,All.

    She has always been worried about me going abroad to play tournaments,Giving her how much money can relieve her.Six people attended the last day of the game,The guaranteed bonus of all players is $27,643,But their goal is the final gold bracelet.LexyGavin is one of the most well-known players,In a hand against Matson with 6-6 in the small blind,Matson\s hole cards were A-Q and hit two pairs on the flop,Gavin hadn\t waited for an out on the turn and river.With bad luck, she regretted lying in the sixth position.LylyVo is the next player to be out,With the hole card 7-6, he pushed out his remaining 6 big blinds,他的对手金的底牌是A-7。



    转弯6Vo配对6但是河牌给了她胜利的希望。第五名 她赢得了37美元的奖金。654。

    Day2-3的筹码领先者, 土刀 A-J在她的最后一手拿到了她所有的18个大盲注。SandrinePhan提出,孔牌J-J,道终于取得了一张牌,跌至第四位。$ 52奖金,007。


    潘的手输给了金,并止步于前三名。这是Phan首次报名参加WSOP活动。成为女子锦标赛的亚军,并获得$ 72的奖金,821。Kim在单挑局中拥有压倒性的优势。麦森(Matson)仅在中途翻了一番。最后一手Matson拿下K-8真人赢钱棋牌游戏官网,棋牌盈利80可出款金打电话给A-9。








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